Our Partners II

Pangaea’s design architecture utilizes a database foundation. The database is a product of the iAnywhere® division of Sybase Corporation. Sybase is a leading supplier of database products that provide unique advantages for housing, transferring and updating of data. The Pangaea team utilizes the PowerBuilder™ tool set to design and update solutions for desktop, portable, web-based and handheld facilities. Sybase’s strong database design properties make possible efficient and cost-effective near-real-time networking solutions.

Pangaea has developed integration techniques for linking Pangaea Software with QuickBooks™ accounting packages, a product of Intuit® Corporation. Pangaea has also developed integration techniques for linking with the Great Plains™ accounting packages known as Small Business Manger™, Standard™ and Enterprise™. Great Plains™ is a product of Microsoft Corporation.

Access to these popular accounting packages affords Pangaea clients several choices for achieving the level of financial control and reporting that is required. Pangaea has taken steps to assure that interfaces appear seamless to the user, and that no unusual skills are required to obtain desired financial credibility. These packages may be purchased directly or through Pangaea.

Pangaea offers its clients a secure, protected repository for their data. The physical site is located in Melbourne, Florida and is managed by CNi Web, Inc. CNi Web is an independent company whose sole business is the housing of third party data. The company maintains around the clock surveillance of the facility and assures uninterrupted service. The facility includes immediate battery back-up emergency power, and generator-supplied power for medium and long-term catastrophic interruptions. Data access is, of course, controlled to the client’s specifications, and implemented by Pangaea’s system design.

Pangaea maintains purchasing agreements with leading suppliers such as,

Dell ®

Scansource ®

Epson ®

Zebra ®

The client is welcome to purchase hardware directly, in which case Pangaea installs or instructs the user in the installation of the Pangaea software. Pangaea’s IT Support personnel are skilled in resolving hardware problems by telephone or Internet, and assist clients in obtaining warranty support from manufacturers.

Pangaea makes available credit card services through Card Services International at attractive rates. These services have been arranged to assist both small and large users in processing a variety of transaction modes.
Click here for more information on how your business can take multiple forms of payments from customers.

Pangaea offers expert web-site design and management services through its association with Atomic Incorporated, of Melbourne. Many clients find that the combination of Pangaea’s database expertise and Atomic’s graphics expertise provides a practical and yet effective solution for their E-Commerce objectives.

We hope that this brief discussion of our capabilities, resources and expertise let you know that we can handle your needs for managing and growing your business, including

hand held computers

wireless communications

automated inventory management

retail sales

financial management

customer relations

total success!

We look forward to hearing what your challenges and opportunities are. We will sign up with you to master them.


Your Pangaea Team