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Pangaea Systems Inc. is a new kind of company, one that provides total solutions and, at the same time, the latest technology from the greatest experts in their fields. Pangaea is dedicated to getting to know you and your business. That’s so we can be there for you no matter what the problem or need.
We’re not about selling software. We’re about being a part of your success. We’re about signing-up to meet any problem that comes along. We’re about keeping you informed about new things that can help you grow your business. We’re about being available day or night.

Our target market is customers who are triple-A. That means Active, Ambitious and Aggressive. We are dedicated to being a Resource-full partner who will exceed your every expectation. We will bring to bear these resources to support your strategies. In fact, we will accept your objectives as our objectives. It’s all about winning and we know how to help you win.

Pangaea offers a rare combination of talent. Its development team is comprised of young engineers who are knowledgeable in the science and technology that is fundamental to today’s fast-moving information and decision-making world. These people maintain both broad and deep awareness of state-of-the-art of information technology, computers, communications and decision-making principles. 

At the same time, a team of professional managers and executives lead the company. These people bring decades of service to bear on the opportunities and challenges of Pangaea’s clients.

Pangaea maintains an active and progressive relationship with its complementary associates. We are proud to purchase and integrate components from leading companies such as the following into solutions we provide our clients,

Microsoft ®

Hewlett Packard ®

Sybase ®

Great Plains ®

Dell ®

Intuit ®

Socket Communications ®

These relationships frequently benefit all participants, as in a recent requirement for near realtime data exchange. Pangaea’s adoption of Sybase’s iAnywhere™ database solution provided a superior, economical solution that is now available to Pangaea clients at far less cost than previously believed possible.

We are equally proud to provide access to local experts who supply superior value and quality support as competent, trustworthy allies of the client. These include,

The Tecom Group

CNi Web

Atomic Incorporated

Artemis International

Pangaea’s close association with the Tecom Group has resulted in a formal agreement that guarantees their services to Pangaea. This Group provides high-level software engineering and programming that complements Pangaea’s own Development Department.

The Pangaea software development team includes access to over 60 degreed engineers, including 10 PhD’s. These engineers are especially skillful in data communications, network design and Internet-based solutions. This expertise has allowed Pangaea to leap-frog existing designs and provide such advanced solutions as,

:: Web-based Ordering Systems

:: Handheld Computer Solutions for

:: Sales Force Productivity

:: Warehouse Operations

:: Inventory Management

:: Near Real-time Data Networks

:: Accounting Integration for a range of Applications

:: Integral Customer Relationship Management

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