Product Description

Pangaea Enterprise | for Wholesale Distribution
Formerly IMSpro , Pangaea Enterprise offers wholesale distributors capabilities in the areas of customer service, order management and fulfillment, accounts receivable, inventory control, purchasing and receiving, accounts payable, warehouse management, multi-location and web data synchronization, inventory transfers, and E-business.

Pangaea POSpro | for Retail POS
A single and multi-store retail management application. Pangaea POSpro allows businesses to better service their customer with user friendly point-of-sale, detailed inventory management, purchasing, receiving, accounts payable, time-tracking and scheduling, and multi-store data synchronization.

Pangaea PBEpro | for PBE Jobbers and Distributors
PBEpro is a software solution designed specially for PBE Jobbers and Distributors. It provides a full range of powerful tools to manage the order fulfillment process from Web-based order entry to final distribution. PBEpro has the necessary functionality to fill orders, control inventory and track operational costs, control pricing, improve customer service, and automatically calculate complex sales tax scenarios.

Pangaea MBSpro | for Handheld Computers
MBSpro is a powerful software solution for Pocket PC handheld computers. MBSpro allows users to perform wireless inventory management, order verification, PO receiving, barcoding, inventory counts for on-the-spot inventory management and more.

Pangaea EBSpro | E-Business for Chain Stores 
An e-business solution that allows companies to give their customers ordering and customer service capabilities from the Internet. Companies can also expand vendor relationships with 
Web based supply management. EBSpro is synchronized with the desktop solution Enterprise by Pangaea with no programming involved. As changes occur in the warehouse, they are reflected in the EBSpro portal.

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