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Pangaea software is an inventory management solution that brings core business functions into one easy to use and secure graphical user interface, which allows you to use the mouse, keyboard, buttons, menus, and other easy-to-use forms of navigation in a familiar Windows environment. Pangaea products are Windows-based with the power of a relational database and SQL. Business administration is fully integrated with point-of-sale, inventory management, customer administration, CRM, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, receiving,  and more.
How does Pangaea software work?
In Pangaea products, data is stored and secured in a database server. Through client machines users access and exchange data with the database during each transaction.
It is the database in the server that processes and administers the transactions performed on the client machines.

How does Pangaea handle accounting?
Pangaea software solutions are integrated with QuickBooks Pro & Enterprise accounting software. Pangaea can also integrate with other packages like Great Planes and the like.

How does Pangaea and QuickBooks work?
The chart of accounts (COA) is entered into QuickBooks. 
After the sync is trigger between Pangaea and QuickBooks, the COA is visible in Pangaea. 
The user then selects COA accounts for cash, ar, ap, taxes, fees, shipping and inventory. 
Inventory is purchased using a purchase order or a Vendor Bill in Pangaea. 
When the purchase order is closed the Vendor Bill is created for the items received against the purchase order. If a purchase order is not used, the user can enter a Vendor Bill directly into Pangaea. 
If inventory is being returned to a Vendor, a Vendor Credit can be created in Pangaea for the items being returned. 
When Pangaea is synced with QuickBooks, the inventory items that are needed to support the Vendor Bills and Vendor Credits are added to QuickBooks. After the items are added to QuickBooks, the Vendor Bills and Vendor Credits are created in QuickBooks and marked as “Sent to AP” in Pangaea. 
When inventory is adjusted in Pangaea, the adjustment is pushed into QuickBooks in the form of a journal entry that effect Cost of Goods Sold and Asset. 
When inventory is counted in Pangaea, the adjustment is pushed into QuickBooks in the form of a journal entry that effect Cost of Goods Sold and Asset. 
When inventory is sold, the sale is pushed into QuickBooks in the form of a journal entry that effects Cash/AR and income/cogs/asset 
Vendors that are needed in QuickBooks to support Vendor Bills and Vendor Credits are added to QuickBooks automatically when needed. 
Customer are never added to QuickBooks. All Receivables transactions reside in Pangaea.

 Inventory items are only added if needed to support Vendor Bills and Vendor Credits. The “item” that is entered is actually an item that has the needed COA account combination of INCOME,ASSET,COGS. Items are reused to limit the number of inventory items added to QuickBooks. 

Why choose Pangaea?
Many businesses have discovered the benefits of connecting computers together in networks and sharing the data that resides on those computers. In a network, or on a single computer, Pangaea can improve the way companies do business by increasing productivity while lowering operating costs. It also allows employees to work more efficiently. Here is why businesses choose Pangaea:
Easy Access | Storing data in a single server makes it easy for users to access and manage data. Pangaea interfaces is easy to use and requires minimal training.
Increased Productivity | The Multiple Document Interface feature (MDI) allows users to perform multiple transactions simultaneously. By making the exchange of information easy within a business, employees can access and exchange data in “real-time” with no need to wait for a disk or file updates. Real-time transactions are available to all authorized users, the moment the data is saved to the database.
Lower Equipment Costs | Pangaea can take advantage of shared resources such as printers which reduces your hardware costs. Pangaea software is a great investment for growing businesses.
Security | Pangaea products make your system administration secure, and easy. You control and monitor access to the software with usernames, passwords, and security levels.
Greater Reliability | Pangaea databases are designed to operate maintenance free for long periods of time.
Easy Backup | With Pangaea software, all data is stored on a single server. You only backup one computer. This makes the backup process more reliable and secure, and minimizes the risk of missing or losing data.
Comprehensive Support | Technical support is always available to Pangaea customers via Pangaea System’s website, e-mail, telephone or on-site.
Upgrades | At Pangaea Systems, development never stops. Striving for continual improvement, we carefully review all customer input. We incorporate suggestions into our software wherever we can–particularly when all users will benefit.
Scalable Systems | Pangaea products will grow with your business. Our scalable, flexible technology will satisfy your business needs today and in the future. As you add new computers or open new locations, simply acquire additional licenses and plug them into your existing configuration.
What hardware is required to run Pangaea software? 
Pangaea POSpro is available in single computer, client and server configurations. Each configuration is based on individual business needs. Pangaea Systems can assist your company in the acquisition of the right hardware for your business that will ensure Pangaea’s software optimal performance.
Who benefits the most with Pangaea? 
Pangaea products benefit all types of businesses and companies, retail or wholesale that manages sales and large amounts of data that must be shared by multiple users within one or multiple locations. Pangaea software simplifies users transactions in a large volume environment that needs an easy to use, secure, and efficient system with the capability for growth.
What if my business has more than one location? 
Pangaea products are multi-user and multi-location. If your business has more than one location, Pangaea integrates and maintains, and even combines the data from all
the locations into one database. It can also maintain separate databases for each location. Pangaea offers automated processes for data integration via e-mail, dial or disk media.

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