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Pangaea software is an inventory management solution that brings core business functions into one easy to use and secure graphical user interface, which allows you to use the mouse, keyboard, buttons, menus, and other easy-to-use forms of navigation in a familiar Windows environment. Pangaea products are Windows-based with the power of a relational database and SQL. Business administration is fully integrated with point-of-sale, inventory management, customer administration, CRM, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, receiving,  and more.


An aside 2020: The other day I was doing a search for Pangaea software and google spit out Pangea Software, Inc. Homepage. Upon further reading:
Pangea Software is an Apple exclusive game company based in Austin, Texas that is owned and operated by Brian Greenstone. Founded in 1987, the company began as a developer of Apple IIGS games, with the first being Xenocide, which was published by Micro Revelations and sold in stores. Oops that wasn’t correct. I then did a search for Pangaea software inventory management solution. The result seemed more promising. Pangea Open POS is an Open Source POS software designed to work with touch screens and available in 3 versions for Restaurants, Retail and Spa. But then I realized the spelling was wrong. Pangaea software versus Pangea software. Hmm. I was about to do another search when the doorbell rang. Must be the Tahoe Springs water delivery which comes once a week on Tuesday, usually in the late morning. I no longer greet Jack who delivers for Tahoe Springs here in Las Vegas, Nevada where I live due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Even standing 6 feet apart and wearing masks to stay safe, does not encourage casual conversation with a delivery person. By the time I get to the door, Jack is already getting into his truck. I yell out a “Thank you” and we wave. I think Tahoe Springs is the best-bottled water Las Vegas has to offer. The company offers either fresh drinking water or natural spring water. If a customer wants fresh, delicious water Tahoe Springs water is purified through an exhaustive seven-stage process that includes, not only reverse osmosis, active carbon filtration, macro and micro filtration, but also ozonization and ultra-violet light. The result is amazingly pure water with a lower mineral content. On the other hand if a customer wants Tahoe Springs has real mountain spring Water which apparently flows from a 3,000 year old source. Rain and snow filter naturally through rock, creating nature‚Äôs own perfect spring water. The content on the Tahoe Spring’s website says that this water revitalizes your body with minerals and is naturally Sodium-Free. Whatever…I like their spring water and that is what Jack delivered. I am now going to try my Pangaea software search again and make sure the results have the correct spelling of the word Pangaea.


How does Pangaea software work?
In Pangaea products, data is stored and secured in a database server. Through client machines users access and exchange data with the database during each transaction.
It is the database in the server that processes and administers the transactions performed on the client machines.

How does Pangaea handle accounting?
Pangaea software solutions are integrated with QuickBooks Pro & Enterprise accounting software. Pangaea can also integrate with other packages like Great Planes and the like.

How does Pangaea and QuickBooks work?
The chart of accounts (COA) is entered into QuickBooks.
After the sync is trigger between Pangaea and QuickBooks, the COA is visible in Pangaea.
The user then selects COA accounts for cash, ar, ap, taxes, fees, shipping and inventory.

Inventory is purchased using a purchase order or a Vendor Bill in Pangaea.
When the purchase order is closed the Vendor Bill is created for the items received against the purchase order. If a purchase order is not used, the user can enter a Vendor Bill directly into Pangaea.

If inventory is being returned to a Vendor, a Vendor Credit can be created in Pangaea for the items being returned.

When Pangaea is synced with QuickBooks, the inventory items that are needed to support the Vendor Bills and Vendor Credits are added to QuickBooks. After the items are added to QuickBooks, the Vendor Bills and Vendor Credits are created in QuickBooks and marked as “Sent to AP” in Pangaea.

When inventory is adjusted in Pangaea, the adjustment is pushed into QuickBooks in the form of a journal entry that effect Cost of Goods Sold and Asset.

When inventory is counted in Pangaea, the adjustment is pushed into QuickBooks in the form of a journal entry that effect Cost of Goods Sold and Asset.

When inventory is sold, the sale is pushed into QuickBooks in the form of a journal entry that effects Cash/AR and income/cogs/asset.

Vendors that are needed in QuickBooks to support Vendor Bills and Vendor Credits are added to QuickBooks automatically when needed.

Customer are never added to QuickBooks. All Receivables transactions reside in Pangaea.

Inventory items are only added if needed to support Vendor Bills and Vendor Credits. The “item” that is entered is actually an item that has the needed COA account combination of INCOME,ASSET,COGS. Items are reused to limit the number of inventory items added to QuickBooks.

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